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The Cradle of Success ---- Success Foreign Language School

Founded in 1993, Qingdao Success Foreign Language School has devoted itself to professional training for people from all walks of society across the country. The headquarters is located near TaiDong, one of the most prosperous commercial centers, where transportation is convenient. Our school has developed quickly through these years. Now we have 3 branch campuses in Qingdao ; we also have sub-branch schools in JiNan and Harbin with others being established.

We have various kinds of training courses including English, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and so on.We also provide people with professional and special training courses aiming at the Exam for Custom Declarer, Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and Institute of Management Accountants , IMA). Up to now, we have already trained more than 80,000 people who are now working competently in each field. Our popularity and reputation have deeply rooted in those who want to better themselves across the country.

In one decade, our school has been recognized by the Shandong Provincial and City Governments as the Model Training Institute in Shandong Province ' and the Model Training Institute in Qingdao City '.

We were also awarded by Qingdao High-quality Training Committee as the Most Trustful City Level Education Institute, 2004' , the Institute with the Most Distinguished Teaching Staff, 2005' , and the Most Trustful School ' awarded by 3.15Quality Control.

Place to take off with the help of diligent teachers

We have competent and high qualified teachers who are experts in their own field. There are more than one hundred working staff including 30 full-time foreign instructors from Australia , America , Britain , Canada , Korean, and Japan as well as 50 distinguished experts with abundant teaching experience. Chinese-born teachers are all graduated from the top universities nationwide.

As for various kinds of tests set by the National Test Organization Committee, we also invite professors who have participated in assessing the examinations to guide students in the process of how to prepare the examinations.

Any time, Any where, choose a suitable course--- flexible curriculum.

Our school provides courses to suit individuals for different levels and needs.

At present, our school helps students to improve their English skills. We have various courses: examination courses, short term or long term; Basic English, Intensive training courses and English grammar. Emphasis is placed on oral English. According to the time of year, we have day classes, evening classes and weekend classes even during summer and winter holidays.

We have classes to enable you to sit for CET-4/6 tests, basic English, standard Korean, standard Japanese, oral English, oral Japanese, oral Korean taught by native speakers with professionally designed curriculum and standardized teaching system. Our standards of training have been acknowledged as one of the finest for a private school.

All courses are open circulatorily. Students can make decisions after audition. Moreover, they can make up lessons they miss, change classes more convenient and reserve their registrations. Except teachers, any course we open is equipped with teaching assistants, which will ensure the teaching qualities.

Hard-work leads to outstanding achievements

We have surveyed students who have studied in our school. It shows that whoever has been trained in our school will improve a lot in their future lives, including positions, professions, employment and salaries.

85% of our students have passed their own examinations successfully. Yu Bo, one student of our school, got full marks in his examination for studying abroad in 2005. He did so well that he was enrolled free by the Japanese Global College .

Heading bravely and enthusiastically

Mr. Jing, president of Qingdao Success-Younger Foreign Language School , is engaged in education for many years. He is expert at teaching management.

Staff of our school always adhere to the teaching philosophy---to be industrious, to be self-disciplined and try our best. We work hard in order to provider the best environment for language teaching.

We believe that our school will and must be more prosperous!